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  • Is that really the price?
    Yes! Just like with any build of this nature there are things that you can add that will adjust the cost. However, if you stay within our exisiting packages the price is the price. Our goal is to build pools for people who didn't think they could afford pools.
  • How long does it take?
    Honestly, it depends. There are three major things that slow down your pool installation. Weather, permits, and supplies. Once a contract is signed we will start working on all the necessary permits for your pool. Provided there is no backorder on the items needed we can start digging when they arrive. Then rain becomes a factor as we dig! We usually tell people to allot for 4-6 weeks for installation.
  • What does it come with?
    It includes the digging, pool kit and standard 20 mil liner, install, and necessary basic equipment. It includes a 3ft concrete deck poured around the side of the pool. Anything more than that adds to the overall cost.
  • What about a cover?
    Pools must either have a fence around them or an automatic cover that goes over them. If you need a cover this adds $15,000 to the pool package of your choosing.
  • Can I add a heater?
    Yes! Gas Heaters depend on the overall BTU's that you decide to use and is a $4,500 with installation. Electric Heaters are more cost effective and is $5,500 with installation.
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